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There's A Word!

There's A Word! Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure THERE'S A WORD! captures a seventy-minute live concert by Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure on CD. Larry Kassin's flute adds another dimension to this vibrant performance.

1. Beat Moves On 2. For Willie Dixon 3. Maybe Mama Lion
4. For Jim Morrison 5. Paragon of Danger 6. Cowboy
7. So the Owl Hoots 8. High Heelz
9. Spank Me with a Rose ((Deep Mud Medley))
10. Music Haikus 11. Stanzas in Turmoil

Michael McClure's introduction to the CD ~

Ray and I are bringing the together the words and the notes that shape them. There's no way to be human without a politics or an anti-politics, without Art, anger, and generosity, without humor and kindness. That's the edge!

Diane di Prima says, "The only war that matters is the war against the imagination."

You can hear the anger and the DEPTH of the blues in Ray's music, and you can hear Coltrane, Scriabin, and other worlds, as his right hand crosses over his left. As my words join Ray's notes we hope you feel it. This is something new. You can buy our art but it isn't for sale.

Kevin Ring of Beat Scene writes,

Manzarek and McClure take the notion of poetry and jazz higher and they are brilliantly abetted by Larry Kassin on flute throughout the album. McClure provides introductions to tracks and you hear an appreciative audience. If the audience seem to be having fun then McClure & Manzarek are too, you can almost see the twinkle in McClure's eye, even when they're making serious points. SO THE OWL HOOTS reminds me a little of Jack Kerouac's THE MOON HER MAJESTY in mood, that everso light piano touch, barely tinkling. SPANK ME WITH A ROSE (DEEP MUD MEDLEY) is throbbing, insistent and pounding.

A very welcome recording and testament to Michael McClure's energy that after nearly fifty years he is as vibrant and perceptive as ever. The same might be said of Ray Manzarek.

For those that want to really get the most out of this compact disc, be sure to have the books SIMPLE EYES, HUGE DREAMS, TOUCHING THE EDGE, and RAIN MIRROR by Michael McClure to hand as the lyrics are included there.

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