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Books & Other Work by Michael McClure

Recent books:


published by O Books, Oakland, CA 2002

poems drawn from Michael McClure's Buddhist meditation practice. Click here to read reviews & learn more.
Rain Mirror by Michael McClure

Rain Mirror. New poems in the spirit of McClure's nature-centered romantic mysticism. Rain Mirror, which McClure describes as his "most bare and forthright book," includes two long poems, "Haiku Edge" and "Crisis Blossom". Published by New Directions, September 1999.
Touching the Edge by Michael McClure

Touching the Edge: Dharma Devotions from the Hummingbird Sangha. These poems are borne of Michael McClure's Buddhist practice. Shambhala, 1999. (Reviews: Booklist, & Raintaxi, and Jack Magazine)
Huge Dreams by Michael McClure

Huge Dreams, a reprinting of Star and The New Book / A Book of Torture. These two important early books of poems, both out of print for thirty years, are "together...a cornerstone of the Beat movement." The introduction is by Robert Creeley. Penguin, May 1999.

Other Work:

Michael McClure on the web. Click here to read poems, other writings, and interviews by Michael McClure.

Michael McClure's homepage at Light & Dust features a large selection of his poems, along with an array of critical essays. This site is a must for anyone who wishes to read or learn more about Michael McClure's work.

For detailed information on all Michael McClure's books, broadsides, and recordings 1956-2001, and photos of many of the books, please see the bibliography.

If you'd like to locate one of the earlier, out-of-print books, please check with EmptyMirrorBooks, an online bookseller specializing in the work of Michael McClure. If EmptyMirror doesn't have the book you're looking for, we recommend searching at ABEbooks, Bookfinder, Amazon, or your local library.

Michael McClure's archives are kept at Simon Fraser University's Contemporary Literature Collection (British Columbia, Canada). You may contact the archives through , or search the collection here.

Here's a fun javascript movie featuring the covers of many of Michael McClure's books. (It does present some challenges for older computers / browsers, or those low on memory.)


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