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from the Synaesthesia Journals ~ Denise Enck

cholesteric dna

an ion,
      or eucalyptus
         in the chimney

        the raveled edge of blackness
                                                cut velvet.

the wind-frayed raven wing
poised on grasstops
        into   silent strata

the black edge of yellow

        the brown velvet scent of
        pine-smoked tea
                                                         monarch butterflies in the white camellias.

                        candy cigarettes & plastic motorcycles & the green green grass

        shards of memory light. the forgotten beginning.
        pink pink daylight through naptime camellias & old buttons turning to dust below the sash.

        concrete donkeys painted bright!


finding it. getting it to come. coming to it. valleys of thought, rivers of light, neural rainbows!

i remember what came before.

little boxes of time. tunnels of weeks & days & noontime alleys with chrome. milkglass fantasies. time sashaying
through golden glasslight & coming out pure. the green glass candydish with the butterscotch wrappers, on the
mediterranean table with black iron handles. solid as vision or thought ~ only what is in the moment. in the 
moment. again, again, in the moment. lost in the middle of the tunnel of time.

"Just as the sun shines through a glass - as though divested of body & substance - so the stars penetrate one
another in the body. For the sun and the moon and all planets, as well as all the stars and the whole chaos
are in man...the body attracts heaven." ~ Paracelsus

mexican flowers. the crying Oaxacan mask on red cloth on the wall of the silver Airstream heading south.
grapes in a plastic bowl.


currents of sand at Carkeek Park, Seattle Denise Enck recently discovered that she is synaesthetic, perceiving time, numbers, and other abstractions as having form, texture, and sometimes color. This revelation has led her to explore synaesthesia through journals, and art.

Denise's poems have been published in such places as the Cafe Review, Embryonic Stages, Angelflesh, Tight, Indefinite Space, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, & online at Frank's Home. She is webmaven for McClure-Manzarek.com & owner of emptymirrorbooks.com.


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