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As detailed in About This Site, this is a substantial portion of my master's project in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University, California. It is intended as an exploration of using the techniques of the Internet to create a reference pathfinder -- to quote the Proposal, full text of which will be posted soon in PDF format:

One of the librarian's oldest and most basic tools is the reference pathfinder. ALA's glossary defines these as "bibliographic guides that arrange in search-strategy order the various types of library resources available for doing a literature search on particular topics" A good pathfinder will not only familiarize the user with the resources available, but with the scope and structure of the topic itself. It assists the user in clarifying such questions as "What do I really want to know about this? How much do I want to know? What will be enough? What new aspects of the topic are revealed that I didn't know about?" Finally, since the pathfinder is the result of selection and evaluation of resources by an information professional, it can direct the user to the best of the available information. [Falcon, 1998]

Like the traditional printed pathfinders many libraries make available beside their OPAC terminals or (if any survive) card catalogs, this website could be presented as the answer to inquiries about McClure and Manzarek -- both the "where are they now/what ever became of...?" questions of library patrons familiar with McClure's work in the Beat heyday and Manzarek's with The Doors, and the "where did these dudes come from? I want more!" posed by the younger, less print-oriented audiences of their performances together.

Those audiences fall directly within the age group least likely to think of libraries as resources for filling their information needs, according to:
Buildings, Books, and Bytes: Libraries and Communities in the Digital Age (the Benton Foundation Report).

By pointing out on the Internet (their information resource of first choice) that some material, such as out-of-print books, may exist only in libraries, and offering them tools to find it (The OPAC Explainer page), I hope to reacquaint at least some of them with what libraries have to offer. To quote the Proposal once more:

The results of this exploration should be a useful addition to the library community's knowledge base on using the Internet as an extension of, and an advertisement for, the value-added services we have always performed.

What follows is, at present, a worksheet for the eventual catalog record. Once it's been reviewed by my thesis advisors and cataloging colleagues (thank you, Nancy Olson and Patricia Horn Fell), the page will be formally cataloged and its MARC record available to any library that does catalog online resources. If you do include McClure/Manzarek in your catalog, please let me know at . Thanks for participating in this phase of my thesis project.

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OCLC:  NEW               Rec State:     n
Entered:     19990217     Replaced:     19990217     Used:     19990217      
Type:   m    ELvl         Src:    d     Aud          Ctrl      Lang:   eng
Blvl:   m    File:  i     Gpb:                       Mrec:     Ctry:   cau
Desc:     a                                          DtSt:     Dates:   1999
1   007     c  ±b  r  ±d  c  ±e  n  ±f  a
2   100  1  Falcon, Jo 
3   245  14 The Michael McClure/Ray Manzarek Metasite ±h [computer file] / ±c Jo Falcon.
4   246     McClure/Manzarek
5   256     Computer text, sound and image data
6   260     San Francisco, Calif.:  ±b Jo Falcon  ±c 1999.
7   310     Updated weekly.
8   502     Thesis (MLIS) - San Jose State University (California), 1999.
9   504     Includes bibliographic records and discographies.
10  505  00 Michael McClure -- Ray Manzarek -- Third Mind (their collaborative project.
11  516     Website index page.
12  538     Available on the Internet; some subdirectories may require plugins such as Quicktime, RealAudio, and ImagePlayer.
13  500     Description based on title from index page as of February 17, 1999.
14  500     ±a Maintained by: Jo Falcon (webmaven@mcclure-manzarek.com)
15  520   0 Reference pathfinder for the works of poet Michael McClure and composer Ray Manzarek, with links to library holdings and a schedule of their spoken word/piano improvisation performances together. 
16  600  1  McClure, Michael.
17  600  1  Manzarek, Ray.
18  610  20 Doors (musical group).
19  650   0 Beat Generation ±z California ±z San Francisco.
20  650   0 Music and literature.
21  650   0 Poetry ±v Discography.
22  650   0 Poetry, Modern ±y 20th Century.
23  650   0 ±a Piano music (Jazz).
24  650   0 Improvisation (music).
25  650   0 Artistic collaboration.
26  856  4  ±u https://mcclure-manzarek.com 


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